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Learn some easy to apply tools to help you speak, teach or sing with confidence, power & purpose

Watch this Webinar to Use Your Voice in Empowering Ways

In this free 30-Minute Webinar you'll learn techniques to better understand what your voice is as well as how to use it in a healthy way that leaves you feeling empowered and confident in your ability to express yourself when you speak, teach or sing!

In this 30-Minute Webinar You'll Learn

  • an overview of what the voice is
  • the difference between the mechanical and emotional-psychological voice
  • correct postural alignment for speaking & singing
  • basic breathing support exercises for speaking & singing
  • simple voice warm up techniques to use before you wish to speak or sing
  • simple resonance exercises to use whenever you speak or sing

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“I'm learning so much from your video course. I love, love, love it!” - Annie Au (International Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians 50hr, 100hr & 200 hr YTT course leader. Owner Annie Au Yoga, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Your Instructor


I'm Kirbanu, an Australian voice empowerment coach, musician & mindfulness practitioner. I fuse vocal science with mindfulness techniques to teach people how to use their voices holistically and in empowering ways. Having performed over 500 concerts in 5 years and taught vocal workshops worldwide I truly understand the necessity of being able to express ourselves clearly, with confidence and in a way that is in alignment with our mind and body. My deep passion is to share practical tools & techniques with you so you too can experience the joy and confidence a holistic connection with your own voice brings.

Find Out More: www.instagram.com/kirbanuwww.facebook.com/kirbanuwww.youtube.com/kirbanuSpotify, i-Tunes, Apple Music @kirbanu